Teach English in Yongping Zhen - Longnan Shi

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For me this is kind of hard, but after studying it I understand some,I will keep on studying this unit, and I think I did not do good on this test, i have to study harder and try to put more time on all the rest of the units, is very complete this course and I will do better next time.I have learned from this lesson about the four forms of present tense. Present simple does not need the aux verbs to assist in sentence structure. Present continuous utilizes \"to be\" to form it's sentences. Present perfect utilizes have and present perfect continuous uses have been.I found this lesson to be very useful and important to my understanding of teaching. I think the ESA concept is a valuable tool in having a tool to teach students. There are many methods in each of the stages to help students learn and for the teacher to receive the desired outcome.