Teach English in Xinzhai XiAng - Longnan Shi

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This unit covers more grammar rules such as clauses, auxiliary models, among other grammar rules. it was beneficial to review these rules since it has been quite a while. the way it was explained was efficient and will help me to effectively teach these rules to students in the future.In this unit I learned about grammar. It was a very hard topic because it covered everything such as: verbs, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctions, nouns, and pronouns that I would normally have learn in two months when I was in grade school. It was quite overwhelming but I got through it.this unit wasnt very resourceful, but i guess its all a matter of understanding the tenses as a rule and knowing when they should be used this should really come naturally and i think this is something i need to do more personal study for in order for me to form a better understanding.