Teach English in Xinchengzi Zangzu XiAng - Longnan Shi

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In this Unit i have learned all the mothods for learning. To my suprize there are quite a bit of game to be played and that is very interesting. I have also learned that correcting student can be a very tochy subject because you do not want to humiliate, or bring their confidence down.I have learned and understand the theory of different learning methods also the stage,purposes and activities as well as the ideas in each phase.I learned the structure of ESA in each pattern and most importantly have the knowledge to correct the mistakes of the student in each stages.In this lesson, I learned how to make a lesson and which methodology I should use in the class, we should use the new methodology. the old one was not recommend to use in these days. and how to correct them directly. The most important thing I learned is how to make a feedback to them.