Teach English in Shuiyang Zhen - Longnan Shi

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Teaching new language is one of the reasons why students enroll in the ESL.That's why we have to learn or be familiarized with some techniques or methods that we can help students to achieve what they want.And also as a teacher there are many reasons why teaching is incredibly rewarding.This unit definitely showed me that I need to repeat different styles of ESA lessons.. :) I agree with a statement that course books have to be completed with some created material. I love to prepare it by myself. However, some course books I ve read were very interesting and variegated.I think these two videos were a great addition. You were able to see what you've learned in use. It is one thing to read and learn and another to see it by example. This was a great and helpful resource. The two videos contrast each other so much, it helps see commonly made errors early.