Teach English in Shimen Zhen - Longnan Shi

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I also can tell the different if students give me some wrong writing after I learning this unit. I was confused Present Continuous and be going + infinitive. I could not see what different in between before but now I know the different. TO is a infinitive word for be going + infinitive.From this unit, i have learnt what are modals, phrasal verbs and passive voices. I honestly did not know about it in the past until i read this unit. This unit is very helpful especially when used in professional communications since it teaches us how to make a request or ask permission.I have read this Unit, i have learned a lot from this Unit which will help me in the future how to manage my class. I have understand how to use sentences is written in the future simple, and it will also help me how to control my class,I have learned how to implement them in my lesson.