Teach English in Qiaotou Zhen - Longnan Shi

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In this unit, I could learn about the past tense. The session was well arranged. I was quite easy to understand the rules, as it was mentioned their structure then the application at last I could do some worksheets to practice what I have learnt. The activation methods are quite practical.This unit taught me a great deal about how to teach receptive skills and how important those two skills are. Also, with an example of the patchwork regarding the outline of a typical receptive skills lesson, I was able to imagine how the lesson could be run in the future using such topics.This unit was interesting and difficult at the same time. Not sure I fully understood how to identify different types of transitive inseparable phrasal verb or even some passive voice. Looking forward to see correct answers and dreading to get my results back, hope it will not be too bad..