Teach English in PangjiA XiAng - Longnan Shi

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This unit was about troubleshooting. In the last unit of ITTT course, I learned how to handle several different problem situations. For example, how to manage a large class or even some reluctant students. I learned what I have to do on the first day and how to establish the first report.This Unit focuses on various Methodologies,techniques and different theories discovered to suit the students best. I feel I have gained lot of knowledge from some of the methods and techniques whereby it teaches how to engage students, make them study and how to implement in the best way.This unit went over a few problems a teacher may face when teaching a new group or existing group of students. Building rapport is seen as an essential way for you to get to know the class and for the class to get to know you and in my opinion is needed for the smooth running of the class.