Teach English in LinjiAng XiAng - Longnan Shi

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I have to say that I am very lucky to take this course! Unit 17 is extraordinary good. It gives me a lot of sources of equipment and teaching aids and ideas for good lesson plan preparations. The explanation is clear and strait to the point. Thank you very much to whoever prepared this unit.In this lesson we learned about tenses. I have not really studied these so thoroughly before and they are kinda tricky. You really have to study the sentence to figure out where they are. I am excited to see when we teach, how I will be able to use this knowledge to the best of my abilities.The section was straight forward. Unlike in receptive skills am clear on the use of the straight arrow teaching method to achieve my class objectives. A lot of emphasis on speaking was put without necessarily letting me know how to overcome the writing hurdle. The use of games is brilliant.