Teach English in Leiba Zhen - Longnan Shi

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This has been one of the most interesting units. It has really unfolded a lot of grammatical mysteries for me. I had always had trouble getting these tense forms right especially those to do with perfect. I now believe that I am on top of things in that area. It has been quite a unit for me.This unit is a great start to learning lesson planning. Lesson planning is very important but the execution of it can differ and yet achieve the same goals with one being better than the next. Lesson planning is not a solidified instruction to the class yet an idea that is use to help teach.Unit 20 gave me methods of how to teach the first lesson of a course and how to help students when they seem to have problems. I also learned how to cope with circumstances such as having students with differing English levels and how to teacher large classes versus teaching smaller classes.