Teach English in Guohe XiAng - Longnan Shi

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This was the last grammar unit. In this unit, we looked at modal verbs, the active and passive voice and the different types of phrasal verbs. I learned the grammar and usages of the grammar points, as well as teaching ideas for every phase in the lesson and the common mistakes students make.In this unit I learnt about the vocabulary, grammar and functions. What is important whilst teaching new vocabulary and also how to teach it. I also learnt about the techniques for presenting and practicing new language structures and how to language functions and how to teach it to students.This was an exciting unit. And it was a different kind teaching lesson. I enjoyed the lesson a lot. As it depicts a lot of new ideas of troubleshooting.This lesson is so helpful as it depicts a lot of problems and how to deal with those problems.I think this lesson will help my future clients.