Teach English in GAnjiAngtou XiAng - Longnan Shi

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I have learned the three stages of the ESA style of teaching. They seem to be relatively simple building blocks for creating a lesson plan. I am already thinking of ideas on how to implement this method and am excited to see the results. I do wish the video went into more depth on ESA however.Unit 3 provided a vast amount of imperative information that I feel is going to be the backbone of my teaching style. I learned how to effectively get students attention and keep them fully engaged with multiple activities and lessons. I really enjoyed this unit and I look forward to the next.I must say this is not as easy as it seems to put together as proper Boomerang style ESA lesson. I do understand the advantages and disadvantages better with regards to created and Authentic materials and got a very good insight of the use of the flash cards and available ESA CReated materials