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As a native speaker of English, I think sometimes we use certain grammar rules in our everyday life without ever realizing that we're using them or that they even have names. Up until about five years ago, I would have given you a blank stare if you had used the phrases \"passive voice\" or \"phrasal verb.\" After becoming a military journalist, I became much more aware of these things. I had an instructor who was a strict grammarian, and I learned things about the English language from him that I had either forgotten or just never really knew that they were formally defined grammatical rules. Upon arriving in Japan, though, I was surprised at how many Japanese who spoke English as a second language knew and recognized these rules. I was actually rather impressed. The fact that many Japanese could pick out passive voice better than American broadcasters I was supervising and editing copy for really shocked me. It was clear to me that whatever classes these Japanese were taking were not only teaching the proper grammar, but also the rules and nomenclature that went along with the grammar. That's something you don't always get in American schools, perhaps to our detriment.