Teach English in Tantou XiAng - Liuzhou Shi

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This unit was looking at course books and their role in the classroom. The places and teachers I have observed all use a fairly similar style of course book. This course book is aimed at younger students and usually involves a rhyme, a grammar point, a question and new vocab. But when it comes to older students they use a books like SIDE BY SIDE and New Concept. Just from observing classes that use these books, I have noticed that the comments made in this unit are completely true! The content covered in these books can be really boring and totally unhelpful to students. I saw someone teach a lesson on medical checkups to a group of 10 year old students, all of which were ready to just fall asleep. I learnt a lot about how to choose a good course book from this unit and I will hopefully get to use this information in the future. Actually, I disagree with the point of not considering the publisher when choosing course books, a certain type of quality comes from a good publisher and can instill confidence in students and parents alike. I agree that the publisher is not the be all and end all of buying a course book, BUT it can also be of importance when choosing what book to choose.