Teach English in Taiping Zhen - Liuzhou Shi

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The productive skills, writing and speaking are both equally important and has the same purpose, accuracy and fluency are both implemented to communicate. In speaking, it's more of audio, so drilling activities and prompting are used, such as model dialogues, role-play, debates, etc, it encourages more interaction. Writing, on the other hand is more about individual group but can also be paired for more information purpose. Writing is said to be more complicated than speaking because of some factors like different than their native alphabets, punctuation, spelling especially for words that have the same pronunciation. More so, both productive skills can be more fun, engaging and stimulating by using games, either competitive games or co-operative games. Games do help to meet goals and adapt English language more. There are many types of word games (see wikipedia) and they ranges from spelling, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary teaching. We should always remember to apply proper ESA phases. Also, factors that might affect the student to write, specially to speak, if they lack confidence, shy and so on, as teachers, we should always motivate and be positive with our students.