Teach English in Nanhuan Jiedao - Liuzhou Shi

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I have found this part a little difficult but I have loved it, I have been somewhat complicated part of the phonetic scripts, some I have not deciphered or fully understood. Especially those of the exam I did not answer correctly because I have not deciphered them. However I find it so interesting to be able to teach everything related to this topic, it also adds to the most important part of teaching a language. The more we understand and adopt phonology and phonetics in the language we are trying to teach, the more secure we will be of what we enrage and the better we will transmit the information. The security we have will be noticed and the students will better understand the meaning and can put it into practice quickly without great difficulties. As the information highlights, only the efficient and effective teacher is one who studies in every field of teaching but especially in this aspect in pronunciation and phonetics. The clearer we are, the easier our teaching will be. The tools and tasks presented in this lesson have been very useful for my current work, the more lessons I study here, the better I feel that I do my job as a teacher. Thank you very much for all the material.