Teach English in Heping XiAng - Liuzhou Shi

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For unit number three we reviewed class management. This is very important topic for teachers. Learning how to manage a class can prevent many issues in your lessons. Firstly we have the use of gestures, tone of voice and eye contact. For me this three aspects are really important, when you make eye contact with your students it shows them that you are aware of your surroundings and also, that you are confident enough to be there. For a teacher the main tool to work is the voice, and using it in a correct way will make her sound clear and all the students will understand what you are saying and this is complemented for the gestures you use. Secondly we have different ways to arrange our class and organize our class work. Depending on the different settings of your class you can make them sit on a row or in semicircle or even if the class allows it in tables or groups. We need to think what kind of activity we are going to have and organize individual, pair and group work and even work with the class as a whole but this sometimes may be intimidating for shy students. All of the previous arrangements have positive and negative sides but if you know how to control the class they will work well.