Teach English in Guzhai Mulaozu XiAng - Liuzhou Shi

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In this unit I could appreciate the vast way of talking in future, seeing that the focus of using the future tenses is the form we want to mean and understood at a specific time in the future, seeing it as close or far future or even an imaginative future with facts or possibilities of the past. Probably this part of the grammar is one of the most difficult to learn; because of that I found not so difficult when associating with the already known other tenses, but I expected more quality in this unit. Probably is part of the intention of this unit to find the formulas by ourselves by the way on the typical mistakes made by the student?s section, was poor information, I was expecting a lot. Because of the difficulty, I expected more tips, tools for the Study phase, how to make it easier for the students. The usages were concrete, probably could it better to compare between tenses to emphasize the usages and then distinguish them from it. I think the key is on teaching students to learn by themselves, to mean and decide when they will use a specific tense in a context. Probably giving some examples where we can distinguish the contrast when we compare the meaning put in different contexts.