Teach English in Guangxi Zhongdu JiAnyu [Guangxi Zhongdu Prison] - Liuzhou Shi

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Teaching new language is very tricky. But in this unit, it is discussed that there are several factors to consider in teaching students the new language. Firstly, teaching vocabulary is the most important lesson to teach, even on the little ones. Know more words could always help build confidence to one. For teachers, it is always going to be a challenge on how to deal with different students with their different needs. It was mentioned in this chapter that as teachers there are things to put in mind before even preparing for the class. In page two, it is mentioned that students ability would depend on the following: their own language, similarity of words, spelling and pronunciation, and appropriacy. But it is not also limited to that if you, as a teacher, want to succeed in your lesson, you should also consider how you select your vocabulary to teach. Secondly, the techniques to be used in presenting was tackled. But for me, the language function plays more role in the new language. This is when they really put to understanding the words that they have learnt. Also, in this side they begin to practice the usage of the newly learnt vocabulary and even put them into phrases and sentences.