Teach English in Gongyuan Jiedao - Liuzhou Shi

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In unit ten, two contrasting videos using the standard ESA lesson were presented, displaying the differences between a poorly taught class and efficiently taught class. In the first video, the teacher has the wrong demeanor - he appears impatient, speaks down to the students intimidating them, and has poor mannerisms. He is very quick and does not seem to explain himself or questions asked by students, and he does not provide sufficient examples to aid in the lesson. Although the material he is teaching is relevant, it is carried out in such a way that it demotivates and intimidates the students. Unlike the first video, the second video displays much improved teaching styles. He speaks much more clearly and concisely, he encourages and involves the students, he uses improved learning aids such as miming and photos, and he is much more friendly and inviting to class participation. I have learnt just how much a change in mannerism can affect a classes learning. As shown and contrasted in the two videos, the importance of being part of the classroom, and not just the teacher talking to the students. The relationship between student and teacher must be bidirectional in order for it to be effective.