Teach English in GAoji Yaozu XiAng - Liuzhou Shi

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UNIT 5 This is all about the different ways a teacher can better managed his class. These Ways include: eye contact, gesture and voice of the Teacher used to relate with students, Grouping students in various ways such as whole class grouping, students working on their own, pairwork, which explains their pros and cons. Classroom arrangement is another way a teacher manage his class depending on some factors such as space availability in class, type of chairs, Age of students, Nationality and student personality. It also examines the various sitting plans of students. This unit provides some rules a teacher will consider when writing on the board as another classroom management method to avoid turning your back to students for a long time. I have learn from the unit that, giving individual attention in class is of great importance in managing a class. Also how to avoid unnecessary teacher talking time in class. Giving instructions, maintaining discipline are the ways that a teacher can better managed his class which has widened my mind on classroom management and helped me to know why some problems of indiscipline may occur in a classroom and how to prevent and respond to problem behavior