Teach English in GAngcheng Jiedao - Liuzhou Shi

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For this lesson we covered the different teaching methods we can find and also, the different stages of a lesson. In this case we have may different methods that can be used while delivering a lesson. All of them have advantages and disadvantages but all of them are really useful depending on the level and needs of the particular group you are teaching. Also, we covered the different ways we can plan a lesson. It is formed by three different stages. ENGANGE, STUDY AND ACTIVATE. You can organize the lesson in different ways as long as it starts with the engage stage and finishes with the activate one. This is also going to depend on the group, level and topic you are going to cover. As a teacher you have to monitor your group progress and mistakes so you can come with your next lesson, this will help you understand if you have to emphasize in an specific topic. As teachers we need to be able to know when it is the appropriate moment to correct our students and to identify when it is a mistake or an error. Besides this, sometimes the teacher needs to correct those error as a group and encourage students to correct themselves and to think about what they are saying and the correct way to say it.