Teach English in Fulu Miaozu XiAng - Liuzhou Shi

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Phonemic symbols have never really been a strong point of mine. So having to take this test and trying to decipher what the question was asking for, was a bit difficult. Also realizing that stressing different parts in a sentence can change the intent/meaning of the sentence was something that I kind of took for granted as a native speaker. In the unit, when difference words were stressed, the meaning of the sentence changed entirely. So definitely need to be aware when educating students. We are essentially the best example for students when it comes to being examples of pronounciation. I highly agree that using visuals such as pictures, or even our own mouths as examples of how to make certain sounds, is key. On a separate note, something that stuck out to me was sound joining. Seeing that the four different ways of joining together sounds (linking, sound changing and dropping, and extra lettering) was a bit of new knews to me. I had thought they were all the same, but after seeing examples of each one, I realized that each one is slightly different. If we can get our students exposed to the way we (native speakers) speak, I highly agree that this will help their speech sound more naturally.