Teach English in BaishA Zhen - Liuzhou Shi

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Unit 18 is a chapter on modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. I feel this chapter does not do very well in explaining all of its content and rather it feels done quickly with lack of support mainly on the phrasal verbs content. Though it has tables which explain very well the modal auxiliary verbs and maybe just enough the clauses, when it came to the phrasal verb subject I believe there is not enough explanation on how to differentiate the types of phrasal verbs. It actually took me a while to understand and it was mainly because of the test where I was finally able to differentiate the variances. I believe that throughout all this chapter it would have been help full to underline, especially with the phrasal verb content in order to be able to differentiate it from the object and see the relations of the rules given. This can be applied as well to the clauses, it would make the teaching and the understanding easier. It does feel like this chapter was done rapidly and since there is no video to support the phrasal verb part, I believe that I will need to go deeper in research before teaching this in front of a class and would recommend to make a video on the subject for future teachers to be.