Teach English in Yangta XiAng - Linxia Huizu Zizhizhou

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This unit was a helpful review of verb tenses and can also be incorporated in future lessons as grammar explanations. The exercises at the end of the unit can also be included as examples in future lessons. It is especially useful for writing activates where students tend to mess up verb tenses.I think that this is a very valuable subject to learning english language, however, in my teaching, i think I won't spend too much time on it with low level students. I will send more time with the higher level students who want to polish their skills and sound better in the conversation skills.I found this unit very helpful in explaining directed and reported speech. It is incredibly difficult to explain these topics in an interesting and clear way but I think the lesson did a great job. I also think the test was pretty straightforward and coincided with the material in the unit well.