Teach English in Linxia Huizu Zizhizhou

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Teach English in BAdAn XiAng, Linxia Huizu Zizhizhou
Well, I realized that in English, there is so much that I take for granted! Having found out that I use all of these differently labelled grammar rules and definitions, I'm seeing that I've really forgotten more than I know! I hope to be able to review these rules and definitions more as we go along
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Teach English in CaotAn XiAng, Linxia Huizu Zizhizhou
UNIT-6 ;Past Tenses PS-Past Simple : -ed completed past actions at a definite time PC-Past Continuous: - was -were + ing Actions in progress at the past PP-Past Perfect : - had + -ed Past in the past PPC-Past Perfect Cont
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Teach English in ChengguAn Zhen, Linxia Huizu Zizhizhou
In this Unit, I have learned a lot from this Unit, also I have understand how to assess and evaluate my student in the class, by checking them via a placement test which will help me to know the level of my student to know more about their weak points, so that I will work on their weaknesses as well
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Teach English in Dalang XiAng, Linxia Huizu Zizhizhou
Following all the possible ESA structures will help the teacher in teaching the learner the proper way in learning the English language and it will help the teacher in planning a lesson through using the proper ESA functions
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