Teach English in XinzhuAng XiAng - Linxia Huizu Zizhizhou

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the two receptive skills are reading and listening both are same important. the different specialist skills needed for reading and listening succefully are: predictive skills, scanning skills, skimming skills, detailed information and deduction from context. for me i prefer detailed information.This unit taught me how to make the best use of coursebooks and materials. It showed the different types of materials and where they could be applied in a lesson. It showed some games and activity's that can be used and some very useful websites i can use to create and download my own materials.Accordingly I have understood why videos demonstration are so important for lessons. I have learnt how to organise video lessons, about two parts and which partswill be more effective.Also I did note between lesson one and two . Also I thought how I would change lesson to make it more effective.