Teach English in Xinsi XiAng - Linxia Huizu Zizhizhou

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This section was so useful in demonstrating the form of each past tense structure. I feel confident that I'm capable of teaching students about this tense in an engaging way. This unit covers the usage and examples for each tense which highlights the difference between each one in a clear manner.This unit was quite detailed. The examples used were quite good and easy to understand and comprehand. The task sheet at the end of this unit was also quite helpful in understanding how much we have improved and showed us where I still have to improve. All in all, I think ill be doing better now.In this unit I refreshed my grammar. After not focusing on parts of speech too much I refreshed what nouns, adverbs, verbs, conjunctions, and adjectives. I did learn new words within this learning time as well such a uncountable and countable nouns. Grammar is one of the hard parts of teaching.