Teach English in Xianyuan Zhen - Linxia Huizu Zizhizhou

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In this section we look at future tenses. This can be one of the more bothersome tenses when teaching English as a second language. I would pay special attention to student when speaking in the future tense. From predictions, to schedules this tense can be difficult to learn as well as to teach.In this unit I've learnt about the verbs.When learning, the verbs have always been the trickiest thing to memorise ( for me, at least ) . It's a relief to know that this course has managed to simplify it so well. But as a teacher I'd think most of them will still feel intimidated by this subject.This module covers lesson planning for all levels of teaching English. It is important to have a lesson plan ready for every class but not to have the plan too strict as it can inhibit the students interest in learning. The module also cements the ESA structure when it comes to planning a lesson.