Teach English in Liushu XiAng - Linxia Huizu Zizhizhou

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This unit focuses on a the main elements of teaching a New Language ; It shows the appropriate way to teach vocabulary and new terms . AS well as it elaborates different examples of the lesson plans teaching Vocabulary and Grammar in the the Straight Arrow ESA , the boomerang ESA and Patchwork ESAThe importance of the different evaluation and tests were discussed in this unit. The common tests used for evaluating students studying English were also enumerated and explained. Moreover, an example of a placement test was also shown. I've also learned a bit about the Cambridge Assessment Tests.These videos were so unnecessarily long and tedious! I found myself falling asleep though I find the material interesting. Why exactly did I have to watch him SLOWLY write out all the points on the whiteboard when there were slides prepared in the video?? Took up so much time and made me drift off.