Teach English in LiuchuAn XiAng - Linxia Huizu Zizhizhou

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I have learned about the tense system and for EFL we use the past, present and future tense which each have four aspects. These are the perfect, perfect continuous, simple and continuous. For each i have learnt what they are, the form, usages, typical student errors and active stage teaching ideas.Section made me realise afew thing 1. As a teacher I need a positive attitude and need to engage the students. A simple introduction and smile makes a difference 2. We can?t assume that just because something?s? are easy to us then they are automatically easy and comprehensible to the studentThis is the most confusing of the tenses for myself. I feel that some of these are underused so much that I have no idea how they work. It was helpful to learn each usage like every other unit of tenses I have done thus far. This is a very beneficial resources that I will consult during my teaching