Teach English in Kaole XiAng - Linxia Huizu Zizhizhou

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This unit covered the importance of having a scheduled lesson, also keeping the mindset to allow for flexibility and fluidity to the process. This allows for a traceable plan, a reference sheet, and helps future lessons while also keeping in mind the specific needs of the group you may be teaching.In this unit, I understand more how to arrange and manage the classroom matter. It is not only how to teach students. It is also about eye contact, the seating arrangement, the way gives the instruction. All the little steps and details are really important to the students and the way they behaves.This module took me a long time to complete, as it is often minor differences between the different tenses and usages. I will need to come back to this module, as I realised how much I struggle in regards to tenses used. I am glad to be learning and realising the different tenses available for use.