Teach English in HuguAn XiAng - Linxia Huizu Zizhizhou

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This unit explores the creation of the lesson plan. I learned in this unit about the various ways to create a lesson plan, and just how important the sequence of activities is. To see a lesson plan example was helpful, especially in understanding why one type of activity should come before another.In this lesson I learned the basics of lesson planning and the myriad of information that should be included in a lesson plan. Plans should be detailed and well structured, but they should not be rigid. The teacher must also evaluate their performance in order to continually improve as an educator.THIS UNIT AS E FIRST APPROACH SUGGESTS HOW TEACHERS SHOULD THE VOICE AND THE EYE CONTACT WHIT THE STUDENTS THESE ELEMENTS HELP IN LEARNING .ALL THE TEACHERS SHOULD BE ABLE TO REALIZE THE SKILLS OF THEIR STUDENTS SO IN THAT WAY HE OR SHE CAN ORGANISE ASSETS LEAVING THEM INTERCHANGE TOPICS AND SKILLS