Teach English in Hanji Zhen - Linxia Huizu Zizhizhou

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I think past tense is something native english speakers forget the rules to rather easily. we speak we dont think why we speak. And i think when it comes to tenses even native english speakers get confused sometimes. This unit was a good refresher course on when we use different forms of past tense.this chapter is very informative. it teaches the importance of pronunciation. The different parts of the mouth to create the sounds of the words we are speaking. These movements of the mouth are broken down into specific parts that are used everyday, without even realizing how these sounds are made.In this unit, I learned the important of lesson plan. How it can help students learn in class. It can be flexible between the classes. But it is good to have the lesson plan, plans it ahead of time. So, we can know what is the main goal for the student and what is the expectation to get out from it.