Teach English in GuogAn XiAng - Linxia Huizu Zizhizhou

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Unit 8- regarding the Future Tense. It is getting more complicated as the topics go further. We need more practices and exposure in this area. We need to do more worksheets in order to master this tenses. Not only future tense is complicated, the past tense and present is as complicated as the rest.Teaching productive skills is going to be very important when teaching overseas. This lesson was very helpful to me on how to present a lesson and what to focus on when teaching the students. I will most likely look back to this lesson for when I am teaching. This is very relevant information to me.In contrary to the common belief, this unit demonstrated that teaching phonology can be even harder than teaching grammar. It was very good to read about the teaching ideas and activities. It was also very interesting to see how intonation and stress can sometimes change the meaning of the sentence.