Teach English in Ronghua Jiedao - Jieyang Shi

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For my unit 10 written assignments I focused my comments on the second video as the first one doesn?t provide examples of good teaching approaches or techniques; e.g. the teacher does not effectively engage the students, does not provide positive feedback, has an overall intimidating attitude etcetera. The second video then appears to follow a straight arrow approach. The teacher starts by presenting himself and learning the names of his students. He then asks the students to list as many animal words for a good while; the students looked like they already had some exposure to animal vocabulary as they provided many of the expected words. The brainstorming part on animal vocabulary has the appearance of a study stage because it lasts more than 10 minutes of the lesson. However, it also appears like an engage activity because the activity is geared for students to begin thinking about the subject and there was no feedback provided by the teacher; the latter being more of a study stage activity. After the students generated the necessary animal vocabulary, the teacher than indicated that all of the listed words have to do with motion and follows up with the elicitation of action verbs. The students also appear to have prior exposure to action verbs as they provided many of the related verb examples. I think that the teacher begins the study stage at the point where he begins talking about action verbs. The teacher than follows with Pronunciation drills on the use of can versus can?t and their corresponding sentence structures. He also applied a worksheet exercise, asked for verbal examples and closed the study stage with a written sentence exercise. For the activate stage, the teacher provided an example of his imaginary animal along with what what the animal could or couldn?t do. The students than worked in pairs and closed the activate stage by providing a list of what their imaginary animals could and couldn?t do.