Teach English in Mianhu Zhen - Jieyang Shi

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In conclusion, this unit concentrates on teaching special groups of students. Except teaching adult students of general English, we may teach beginners, individuals, young learners and business people of business English. For different groups of students, we need to use different teaching skills and techniques and also need to specifically adapt to the needs and wants of students. When we teach beginners, we need to identify they are absolute beginners or false ones. We had better encourage and praise beginners in the class. For individual teaching, the student is commonly highly motivated and our teaching tend to be geared toward their interests and needs. However, some activities of group work are impossible to be used in one-one classes. For young learners, they have an innate curiosity that is high motivation. But they have short spans of attention and concentration, so the teacher should frequently change activities in classes, which can keep the attention of children. Disruptive behavior is also a major problem in the class for children, so class disciplines and management are quite important for the teacher in the classroom. For business English teaching, the teacher should have a general understanding of clients' work and should do \"Needs Analysis\" for clients at the beginning of the course. The teacher should know clients' English requirement and what they need it for in the future. The last part is monolingual class and multilingual class. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. In monolingual class, students share the same or similar interests and they have a tendency to have similar difficulties in English language learning. However, in multilingual class, they only can communicate with each other in English rather than native language, which just help them to have more exposure to English. All in all, the teacher should devise adopt specific methods in different types of English learners and it will optimize the achievement of learning.