Teach English in Kuitan Nongchang - Jieyang Shi

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Trouble-shooting includes anticipating possible issues and taking steps to prepare, as well as staying in tune with classes as much as possible, meaning monitoring students' attitudes, behaviors, and feedback both individually and as a group, and when problems occur, recognizing and understanding the reasons then acting in a responsible way to handle. Disruptions to the class, for example, should be handled quickly in order not to waste time, but not treated as if they were intentionally malicious, because in most cases they are not. In group classes, before jumping into lessons it is helpful to establish some rapport, let people get to know one another, and start with a warmer activity to help people focus and engage, and continue to build rapport. Within a class where levels are mixed, it can be hard to challenge the more advanced students without overwhelming the other students, so teachers troubleshoot this problem sometimes by grouping the students into different levels to use different materials, or use the same materials differently, by partnering up stronger and weaker students to help each other mutually, or simply letting students find their own comfort level within the class. A large class can make it difficult to allow each student to actively participate within the given time constraints, so student-ed pair or group work or teacher-led drilling or chanting activities can give students more opportunity to practice speaking, which is important at any level. Teachers can understand the urge to use a person's native tongue during class, but their job is to encourage English use and discourage use of any other language by clearly explaining English instructions, using materials with appropriate level vocabulary, or only responding to questions asked in English. Students reluctant to participate should still be given ample opportunity to speak and practice in low-pressure situations, such as with a partner or a tape recorder, but not forced to until they are ready.