Teach English in Huicheng Zhen - Jieyang Shi

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Troubleshooting Before the first class each teacher should remember, that there are two types of classes: 1. New group 2. Existing group Students in a first group don?t know each other or even didn?t have any previous experience in learning English. Students in the second group know each other and and they have some experience in learning English. Whatever the kind of group it is teacher should establish the rapport. That?s why it?s better do not use the course book during the first lesson. Some ice-breaking games like pass the ball or some questionnaires are perfect for such lesson. Also, it?s a perfect time to analyse your students language level and to learn something about their interests.   Each lesson should be start with a warmer - a game that will help your students to make a smooth start. It?ll be great, if the warmer has a connection to the lesson study phase. Memory games, tongue-twisters, hangman can be used here.   Teacher should remember, that there are different amount of students in each class. Sometimes it can vary up to 100 students. That?s why students? level can also vary. In such situation teacher should use pair and group work, don?t drill new materials individually, but do choral work and some worksheets.   Students? native language can be used only when some really complicated issue occurs. Teacher can?t use students? native language, when give some instructions. When students? try to ask some questions in their native language, it?s better to ignore it, until he/ she will try to say the same in English.   All teachers will face with such issue as a reluctant students - those who don?t want to participate in lesson, sometimes even try to destroy the sequence of your lesson plan. First of all, we should to remember don?t force such students to participate, it?s better to learn about their interests and try to involve them in pair work or some role-play.