Teach English in Hepo Jiedao - Jieyang Shi

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The unit begins by pointing out that speaking and writing are different but both are used for the same purpose, that of communicating.The unit also emphasizes that even though students prefer to focus on their speaking skill, writing skill should be not be overlooked. The unit states reasons for communication; for a purpose, want to say something or listen to something or are interested in what is being said. On the speaking skill, the unit gives the difference between accuracy and fluency activities stating that accuracy activities focus on producing the accurate language where activities are controlled and usually in the study phase as opposed to fluency activities that focus on the effectiveness and flow of communication and usually in the activate phase.Here activities give sttudents freedom to experiment and create with the language.Activities that can facilitate acquisition of both concepts are explained in this unit Th unit points that interest is vital for students to be active and participate in the lesson so the unit highlights reasons students might be reluctant and give suggestive techniques to encourage students.Students lack of confidence, fear of making mistakes and lack of interest in the topic can prevent students from speaking, so teacher can use group work, pairwork or plenty of controlled and guided practice before fluency activities. On the writing skills the unit cites the differences to speaaking skills; writing skills do not use contracted forms, more formal vocabulary is used,spelling accuracy, handwritng, layout and puntuation make the differences.However many of the same factors as those used for speaking like having a purpose for writing, the right topic could also be used as well. From the unit I have learnt that in introducing a communicative activity as a teacher I need to create the need and desire in students to communicate by either ensuring they have a purpose to communicate , want to say or listen to something or are interested in what is being said