Teach English in Shiba Zhen - Huizhou Shi

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This unit dealt with lesson planning. It began by highlighting why teachers should plan lessons and it showed that lesson plans are especially useful to inexperienced teachers, such as I will be so this was a very helpful unit. It highlighted that lesson plans should create an aid to planning, a record and a work document that teachers can use in a lesson and refer to in order to remain on track. It can also serve to help see what students have accomplished and what they should be aiming to accomplish and it useful should a substitute teacher need to fill in if you happen to be sick. I learnt that while lesson plans are important and helpful they must be flexible as one can not script an entire lesson and plans and lessons should be adapted according to how fast or slow a class is catching onto a subject or how much or little a class is enjoying an activity. This unit furthermore helped to illustrate what form a lesson plan should take and what should be included in it. Things such as learning objectives, teacher aims, language point, phase, procedure, class size and other things should all be included in a lesson plan. Timing and dates are also important, as it is helpful to see what learners completed when and how long it took them on a specific activity. The unit warned that timing can be difficult, and that this comes with experience, further emphasising the need for flexibility in lesson planning. Other things that the unit showed needed to be considered when planning lessons were goals, what the students should be aiming to achieve, revision so that they retain information and do not forget what they have learnt in previous lessons. I believe that this can be done by recapping previous lessons at the beginning of another lesson, as well as incorporating older lessons learnt into new content. Another thing that should be considered is the balance and variety which would include having a number of different and fun activities on hand to test the skills. Such as word searches, role plays, surveys, and games where students are able to design their own animals using vocabulary learnt in a specific lesson.