Teach English in ShAtian Zhen - Huizhou Shi

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Some theories suggest that lesson planning is not a good idea as it creates a more fixed, teacher centered lesson and stops the teacher being flexible to the needs of the students. This might be true but when it comes to new teachers, lesson planning is an absolute necessity. This is because it is very difficult for an inexperienced teacher to be able to be as flexible as their experienced colleagues as such, would run in to difficulties as he or she wouldn?t be prepared to deal with some of the language problems that might arise in the lesson. Good lesson plans most involve the three stages of; engage study and activate. An effective lesson plan requires a clear understanding of the important functions that need to be included. I would ensure my lesson plan clearly addresses the following areas: ? A structured clear, student-oriented objectives, aims, date/time, flexibility, is engaging, a persuasive introduction, organized materials and an abundance of various classroom activities. ? Since everyone learns differently, it is important for me to include a good variety and a mix of activities that are tailored to each student?s level of functioning ? my class?s level/size. ? The current lessons should be able to have a correlation with the previous lesson(s) as well as the long-term curriculum. ? I would ensure the lesson plan is recorded clearly and uncomplicated (easy to read and understand), enabling another teacher to teach a lesson in my absence. ? I would include a section that connects students? knowledge of English through classroom practice with real-world application of English. ? I would indicate how I imagine the class, the instructional techniques, revision, and a time apportionment for each activity along with a total lesson time used thus far. ? I would include adequate assessments (during and/or at the conclusion of the lesson(s)) along with a summary and/or review of what was taught. This would also address any potential issues and possible solutions to maintain the flow of the lesson. (Strength and weaknesses for process improvement).