Teach English in Qiaodong Jiedao - Huizhou Shi

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There are different factors involved in developing a course for young learners. You will need to examine level testing and the needs analysis for the students. A level test should show the ability of the student to use the language, level tests are graded, which means they start easy and get progressively harder.Having gained knowledge of the students level from the level test, the next step would be to carry out a needs analysis. This is to give you an idea of the students` previous learning experience, what they will use English for and what they feel would be the most beneficial areas for them to study. The needs analysis can be a simple questionnaire. Using the results from both tests groupings can be arranged. For the younger group a needs negotiation can be based around class rules, letting the students know what they can expect from you as their teacher. For the older students, the negotiation would be a class discussion and should focus on the areas of learning that the students feel would be most useful to them as a group. There are limiting factors as well, the school/company you work for may have decided what is and what is not to be taught. Some schools will tell you what time to spend on particular areas. You will need access to certain resources as well. You need to be sensitive to certain issues in your teaching which relate to cultural norms and taboos. You have to take account of your students in the design of a syllabus. For example, a group of teenage girls in England will have different motivational factors than a group of students from Thailand. You will need to break down your course, how many progress tests will you have, what language points do you have to cover, what ability and age range is your group etc. It is very important that some regular form of testing or assessment takes place. On completion of your course, it is recommended to do some form of evaluation. It will help you to evaluate your material and suggest improvements. This can be done through the use of an end of course questionnaire. Try asking questions on the whole range of the course, including syllabus, teaching style etc.