Teach English in Pinghai Zhen - Huizhou Shi

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Problems are inevitable and it is equally applied when teaching English to students. Two groups that teachers will face for the first time are the new group and the existing group. When facing their students, it is best not to resort to course books but to: establish rapport between the students, learn about the students and their needs, and English level for the teacher to tailor for the class. In order to meet the above purposes, questionnaires, surveys, topic games (board game, ball game), and the needs analysis. To dive into the lesson on the first day would be difficult to motivate students to learn thus warmers are a great way to begin the course. Students would enjoy word games such as hangman, Pictionary, tongue twisters, and memory games. Nevertheless, a class containing students with varying English levels is another problem. Some students may learn more quickly and may result in gaps. To counter this problem, teachers can use different materials, same material but different tasks, pairing with weaker and stronger students, or to simply not do anything as the studying would be left to the stronger ones. However, it is a risk due to leading to weaker students with frustration and stronger ones with boredom. When facing large class, using worksheets, working in pairs or groups, being clear in teaching, choral repetition, assigning group leaders, and mixing up dynamics would be ideal. When teaching a monolingual class, reassure that one is teaching at an appropriate level, using clear explanations, encourage English usage and only responding with English, and consistently reminding the students to use English. Instructing reluctant students should be encouraged through utilizing pairings, controlled practice, role-play, and a tape recorder to help them adjust to the class. According to Unit 20, common problems found in nearly every nationality is difficulty with listening text and the speed of stronger and weaker students. To solve this, one should make sure it is working well and clear but the usage of cassettes have decreased. For the speed problem, a teacher should prepare themselves with activities.