Teach English in ZhAngxiXiAng - Heyuan Shi

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This unit covered classroom management and the different techniques that can be enacted to develop better teacher-student rapport and management within the classroom, as well as peer relationships and engagement. As a teacher, it is important to be aware of the different ways that your body and facial gestures and expressions, and tone of voice, have impact on your teaching and on student learning. It is best to use a variety of gestures, expressions, movements, and tones, while ensuring that you are adapting yourself as a teacher to the needs, pace, and mood of the students during any particular lesson and within a diversity of classrooms. That being said, a critical co-component to effective classroom management is possessing a certain degree of flexibility, adaptability, and creativity in your teaching style. It is best to have an open-mind as a teacher since very rarely will two classes be exactly alike. You must tailor your teaching and your management techniques to your students and both their social/emotional and academic needs. Classroom arrangement and providing opportunities for an array of groupings for activity/seat-work work is most effective, but are also limited to certain environmental factors such as physical space, furniture availability, and personalities of students. Good teacher-student rapport is therefore crucial as it will help teachers become knowlegeble of their students and which personalities will clash, and which students will work well together given certain tasks. Knowing the student dynamics of your classroom will be very beneficial in managing your class. It is further important to incorporate core values of the school or institute that you are teaching in within your classroom, and to uphold yourself to their standards of discipline and respect. As a teacher, it is also helpful to establish a set of classroom 'expectations,' rather than rules, with your students (i.e. create them with students). Create and post a list of expectations that you have for your students and have students create a list of expectations that they wish to see from you, their teacher. This will further aid in strengthening teacher-student respect and rapport, and thus aid in classroom management.