Teach English in Yuanshan Zhen - Heyuan Shi

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This unit covers different sets of basic teaching themes that can be applied to different areas pertained to the development of teaching. Themes of teaching ranges from case study criteria, frameworking, and Computer-Aided Language Learning, to Speech Act Theory. While teaching Business English, teachers come across the usage of case study. The latter refers to various materials used in the classroom. These materials may range from authentic to non-authentic materials. The process of implementing particular case study during lesson requires a set of standards. These include the ability to introduce the topic, pre-teach new vocabularies/ideas, set up the mechanism of the activitiy, demonstrate, framework, get feedback and finally correct. Another essential teaching theme used for effective and productive teaching is frameworking. The latter comprises of three main stages, including input, process and output. These processes are viewed as tools to enhance students? understanding and digestion. Frameworking model relies by primacy on the use of language and tenses grammar point for students? clear understanding and assimilation. For instance, if business students study the changes of a company?s turnover, they are requested to use language and tenses to complete the task effectively. Effective teaching goes in tandem with problem-based learning. It is a methodology used to enhance student students? collaborative learning and increase students? self-learning approach. Effective teaching also goes hand in hand with Computer Aided Language Learning wherein teachers use various online resources for a variety of teaching purposes. Using computer allows teachers to have access to authentic and non-authentic materials, get ready exercises/games, and enhance teaching style and the like. In teaching, teachers must be aware of Speech Act Theory known as language acquisition theory. Speech Act Theory consists of four intertwined utterances that vary in meaning and function. These utterances contain utterance, propositional utterance, illocutionary utterance, perlocutionary utterance. All in all, being aware of the aforementioned teaching themes liven up and enlighten teacher?s teaching style.