Teach English in ShuAngjiAng Zhen - Heyuan Shi

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Receptive skills. The two most important receptive skill are reading and listening. Our motivations and reasons for reading or listening are based on either, for a purpose or for entertainment. Reading or listening for a purpose, as I have learnt in this unit, is like reading the newspaper to find out what the weather will be like the following day. Whereas when we use our receptive skills for entertainment, by for example, watching our favourite TV show. I have learnt that there are four skills that we employ when we use our receptive skills. They are, predictive skills ~ when we predict our text from reading the headline or title, specific info (scanning), general idea (skimming) ~ to read or listen for a gist of text/dialogue, Detailed information ~ The deduction from context to understand the meaning of words or phrases. When teaching receptive skills, there could evolve a few problems, but I have learnt how to approach these problem correctly. For example, with the language, I should pre~teach difficult vocabulary. I should also select my texts carefully. Choosing correctly between authentic (which is not designed for language students necessarily but can give them more confidence in their skills.) or non~athentic (which contains language more suitable to abilities of the students) texts. My topics should always be kept interesting, therefore I would need to get to know my students well to know what their interests are. Overall I should continually create interest by either, discussing the topic beforehand, showing pictures and maybe predicting the text by letting the students read the headline or title. In closing, the seven skills I learned to have a successful receptive skill lesson are the following. I should choose materials that keeps the students motivated and that are in their interests. Building interest of the students before reading or listening a text/dialogue are equally important. I can pre~teach complex vocabulary that I think the students will find difficulty with. Having various types of material will keep the interest to. I should also use material to practise difficult skills and use realistic comprehensions to help my students understand. To let the students naturally lead on from the texts I should incorporate activate phases.