Teach English in Potou Zhen - Heyuan Shi

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This unit focuses on both teachers and learners. It gives us the qualities of a good teacher, some of which includes; kind and patient, love teaching, lively and entertaining,know how to motivate. It also gives us the role of a teacher in a classroom which are; - manager - organizer - assessor - prompter - participant - tutor - facilitator - model - monitor. This unit also tells us how and when to employ a particular role on a type of activity, good teacher should know how to involve and engage the students so as to achieve his or her objectives. In this unit we also have the characteristics of a good learner which are:- - The willingness to listen - The desire to experiment - The willingness to ask questions - The ability to think about their own learning process - An acceptance of error corrections - A desire to learn. Here we also make mentioned of the differences between young learners and adults in terms of; 1. Age - The post puberty or early teen age learners 13 plus - The pre-puberty learners that is the primary school age 8-12 years - Finally the very young learners who are often pre-school aged 7 years or less. 2. Motivation 3. Nervousness 4. Language awareness 5. Behaviour problems 6. Life experience. We also have the different language levels which includes; beginners, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced. The unit also talks about what motivates learners, some common reasons why a student may decide to attend an English class are; - For future career prospects - For travel purposes - To improve grades at school - To study or live in an English speaking country - To communicate with colleagues/ friends/ partners - Out of interest in language. Personally I have learnt the qualities of a good teacher which includes;kind and patient, love teaching, and know how to motivate. I have also learnt the roles of a teacher and which to implement and when. I have also learnt the various characteristics a good learner is supposed to possess, distinctions between young learners and adults in terms of age, motivation, life experiences and behaviour. The different learning levels and some common reasons why students attend English classes.