Teach English in NeiguAn Zhen - Heyuan Shi

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All classrooms hold various unique individuals usually striving for the same common knowledge, in this case, the English language. Consequently, unit nineteen covers the basic types of students, teaching methods, and techniques for teachers in how to work with them. The unit focuses mainly on teaching beginners, teaching an individual, teaching children, business English, monolingual and multilingual classrooms. First, there are different types of beginners being an adult rather than a child. These students tend to be motivated to learn and can have difficulty in the beginning then progress through the lessons. I found it interesting how there is a difference between a false beginner and an absolute beginner. A false beginner is someone who was exposed to English but never retained the language. In comparison, an absolute beginner is someone who has no English knowledge or exposure at all. Second, the unit explains different methods of teaching an individual. An important part I learned is to remember not all of the games will be possible between one student and teacher. Third, teaching children can be a challenge and rewarding. They are like sponges and can be highly motivated to learn new things rather quickly. However, it is important to make sure a constant change of games and activities is essential due to their short attention spans. Fourth, business English is referred to when a company hires an English teacher to help their employees use English in their careers. I found this part interesting because I never knew how corporations were using this method in order to discuss business issues with one another. I would normally assume someone with English knowledge would have the position rather than training more than one employee. Lastly, the monolingual and multilingual classrooms are different ways to teach English. Multilingual classrooms help the teacher because this way all the students must use English in order to communicate. In contrast monolingual classrooms have a single language all the students can use already to communicate with. I grew up with a monolingual classroom and therefore never experience the multilingual classroom. Overall, this unit contains information on the types of special groups English teachers could come across in future classrooms.