Teach English in Zhongting XiAng - Hechi Shi

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The purpose of writing and speaking is to communicate to another person or people. A teacher needs to facilitate this in a class by creating a need and a desire to communicate. During the accuracy activities (such as drilling and prompting) the teacher controls the activity to ensure correct language is used but during the fluency activities (such as free role-play and discussions), the students can be more creative as they experiment with the language. Teachers must provide an encouraging but safe environment if students are to feel comfortable enough to try. This can be created through pair/group sharing, careful planning and allowing student think time to name but a few ways. Feedback and corrections are important but should be only given at the end of an activity and not during the activity. As writing comes in different forms around the world, the English alphabet may prove difficult for some students. Some may need to practice the shapes and forms. Due to homonyms and homophones, English words (not being phonetically spelled) can also prove difficult to spell but this can be helped by a lot reading and seeing the word. So too can punctuation and layout be aided by being exposed to different forms and practising.