Teach English in Xia'ao Zhen - Hechi Shi

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The unit introduces the concept of lesson planning. While it describes more than one method used by teachers, it focuses on an ESA-based lesson plan. The unit mentions that not all teachers use a written lesson plan (or any planning at all) but prefer the flexibility of an unplanned class. The unit argues that a mix of these two methods is more appropriate; make a plan of all the activities, tools needed, time frames, but keep certain flexibility to account for special needs that might arise. This is good because it helps the teacher keep track of the topics that were covered in class, makes sure that there is preparation and no tools are missing, but also allows for specific problems that might arise in class and will need further clarification. This unit is very useful, because there is a tendency to become lax as a class progresses. You begin by making thorough lesson plans but eventually the propensity to wing it overcomes. I've always operated best with lesson plans, but I didn't realize that the best benefit of a lesson plan is to evaluate progress. The times I haven't had a lesson plan, doesn't affect the current class as much as the ability to keep a record of what has been learned and what still needs clarification.